Kitchen Accessories & Features

Cabinet Accessories

Small white cabinet appliance garage with a red stand mixer in it APPLIANCE GARAGE
wide angle kitchen remodel with hard wood flooring and a baking rack built into the island BAKING RACK
sliding container storage rack built into lower black cabinets next to the range CONTAINER STORAGE
Kitchen drawer with diningware and silver ware and a built in cutting board that slides out CUTTING BOARD DRAWER
Vertical pull out cabinet for storing cutting boards and taller items CUTTING BOARD-TRAY PULLOUT
Floating kitchen shelves that feature many different types of alcohol FLOATING SHELVES
LeMans Blind Corner Cabinet with glass and ceramic mixing bowls built in LEMANS BLIND CORNER CABINET
Pantry pullout shelves with spices and boxed groceries well organized PANTRY PULLOUTS
Peg drawer full of china a dining ware with plates PEG DRAWER
Sliding Pantry Rack embedded into the higher cabinets next to the stove SLIDING PANTRY RACK
Spice race pullout cabinet that's built into the kitchen counter SPICE DOORS, DRAWERS, AND PULLOUTS
Grey cabinets featuring a cooktop pullout cabinet set for pots and pans and lids UNDER COOKTOP PULLOUTS
Utensil Holder for kitchen dining ware and shelves UTENSIL HOLDER

Sink/Plumbing Fixtures Accessories

Galley Workstation Sink-2-1 Galley Workstation Sink
Pot Filler_Please Crop Photo-1 Pot Filler