A wall-to-wall modernization project might seem daunting, but it can be the smartest, most cost-effective solution when multiple rooms cry out for revitalization. So, go ahead. Think big!

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At Lewis Design Build Remodel, our outstanding team of designers and craftsmen is already looking forward to helping you become our next overjoyed customer. Whatever project you have in mind, we’re ready to get started exploring ideas and building them into spaces where you’ll love to live. We won’t do it right, we’ll do it just right.


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Curious About Remodeling Costs?

The Lewis Design Build Remodel Pricing Guides provide guidance and understanding for those considering a new remodeling project. Based on our years of experience and regional remodeling project estimations, our pricing guides provide a range of kitchen, bathroom, and additions remodel pricing, setting basic financial expectation as you begin the project planning process.


Bring your vision for your Santa Cruz design-build whole house remodel to life!

You have big dreams for your home – and we’re here to help you make them come true.

Not sure whether you want to remodel your bathroom or remodel your kitchen first? Wondering what to do about your unfinished bonus room or loft? Need a separate office?

There is no constant except for change and your house should change with it. You want a living space that matches your needs, and you don’t want to move to get it. Our whole home remodeling service in Santa Cruz is the right solution for you.

Get It All Done Sooner with Santa Cruz Design Build Whole House Remodeling from Lewis 

Whole house remodeling is right for you if:

  • You want to completely remodel more than one room (for example, your kitchen and living room)
  • A portion of your project, like new interior paint, will touch on most or every room in your home

It’s faster, easier, and often less expensive to get it all done at once. You minimize the disruption to your daily life while giving us the opportunity to bring all the right personnel and equipment to the job faster.

Whole house remodeling can completely transform any aspect of your home. Plus, the precision it adds to staffing and scheduling makes it even more efficient. Instead of doubling the time your project takes, adding a second room to your order can actually cut your wait time in half.

Take a Little Vacation, Come Back to a Completely New Home

Because most clients do leave for the week during whole house remodeling, the Lewis team can literally work around the clock. Plus, we’re able to tackle the biggest jobs – removing walls, rerouting plumbing and electric – with no risk to you or your family.

We know some clients worry about being away that long. We treat your property with care and respect all through your remodeling, even if we happen to be removing a wall or two. By maintaining the highest standards of safety and professionalism, every aspect of your house will be better than when you left.

Our design-build approach to remodeling means we can carefully develop an accurate timeline for your whole house remodeling down to the day. We remain in contact with you throughout the process. Questions and concerns continue to be fielded by your project leader by phone or email.

We even send you progress photos at least once a day. If several rooms are being worked on, you might get a few batches of photos per day. Clients tell us this is fun and exciting: A sneak preview of everything you have to look forward to when you return to your new, more modern living space!

Your Perfect Whole House Remodeling Project Is Waiting

What can’t you do with a whole house remodel?! In the last few years alone we’ve helped our clients completely modernize bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens, turn basements into apartments or game rooms, build out home gyms and offices, and even create indoor spas.

Multi-award-winning Lewis Design Build Remodel has won nine major honors from Houzz and has been voted “Favorite Contractor” for two years running. We invite you to check out our “5 out of 5” reviews on Yelp, Google Reviews, and Houzz – or call us to hear more of our customer testimonials.