Old World Goes Modern

Whole House Remodel | Scotts Valley

Our clients purchased this home for the land and location (the husband really loved the land).  Seated on a beautiful hillside in the Santa Cruz mountains, the land and location were storybook.  The house was a different story - the clients have a very different aesthetic than what was there.  The home was a traditional ranch-style home on the exterior with the interiors converted to an odd assortment of Spanish Hacienda.  The house was also divided up into small, uncomfortable spaces with choppy ceilings that felt claustrophobic.  Overall the home felt confining and overdone with the hacienda feeling.
Working with the clients, we opened the space between the living room, kitchen, and dining.  Through some serious structural "finessing", we fully vaulted the ceiling and added a beautiful 15' panoramic door to the backyard from the kitchen area.  This was a major transformation for the space - it expanded the living area without adding square footage, brought in natural light, and really made the whole space feel cohesive and inviting, yet modern and sophisticated.  We used finishes that brightened the space while still feeling grounded to the land and location.  The client had an affinity for blue elements, which were integrated throughout in the tile choices.  These blue elements add a subtle touch of personality and pizzazz.  The aesthetic transformation truly is awe-inspiring.
On the functional side, we designed custom built-in cabinetry throughout, maximizing every inch of space.  We moved and renovated the laundry room to include a sink, mountains of built-in storage, and countertops for folding and working.  This also allowed us to add a dining room buffet on the adjacent wall.  We chose a built-in refrigerator and hood that blended into the cabinetry to add a feeling of sophistication. 
The clients were able to walk away with their dream home in the perfect location.

Transformation Photos

I can't say enough about Jared Lewis. From the beginning to the end of our large remodel job, he was polite, respectful, pleasant and able. He came highly recommended from friends, on both a professional and personal level, and this proved true in our case as well. Overall a great experience.