Posted on December 15, 2023

As we approach mid-December, Californians across the Golden State are in the throughs and boughs of decorating their homes for the holidays, infusing cheer and a joyous atmosphere into their indoor and outdoor living spaces. Californians have perfected the skill of fusing the season's warmth with bright and sunny holiday backdrops despite the lack (in most places) of a snowy winter wonderland. In this particular holiday blog, we'll look at creative and fashionable ways to decorate for the December holidays in California, showcasing the state's vibrant culture and varied landscapes.

Nature-Inspired Decor:

Close up picture of a napkin rolled up and bound with twine and a holiday decorative garnish

From the sand beaches to the towering redwoods, California is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty. Many Californians will look to the great outdoors for holiday home decorating, using succulents, eucalyptus branches, and pine cones to create rustic holiday décor and holiday dinner place settings. Another nature-inspired decor idea is using driftwood to create a gorgeous holiday centerpiece embellished with coastal-inspired trinkets and fairy lights.

Beach-Related Ornaments, Colors, & Accents:

Use a color scheme influenced by the sun, sand, and sea instead of the conventional red and green. Think about using decorations like gold, coral, and turquoise to adorn your holiday tree. Beach ball ornaments, seashell garlands, and surfboard-themed décor add a fun and playful element to give your house a distinctively Californian holiday vibe.

Living Holiday Tree:

Blonde haired woman hanging ornaments on the low angle of the Christmas tree in her living room

Instead of cutting down a tree this holiday season, consider selecting a living tree for your home. With a sustainability mindset, this earth-friendly alternative will bring the sights and scents of the holidays to any room in your house. After the holidays, you can plant the tree outside your home or keep the tree potted, adding it to your outdoor living space or a favorite room. Whatever you decide, a living tree provides you and your family with year-round enjoyment.  

Accents of Citrus and Olives:

Celebrate California's bountiful harvest by decorating your holiday home with citrus fruits and olive trees. Orange, lemon, and lime display bowls will give your room a splash of color and a refreshing aroma in any room. Olive branches, which stand for prosperity and peace, produce lovely holiday garlands and wreaths that can adorn your doorways and fireplace mantel.

Wine Country Elegance:

Tightly wound sticks in the shape of a Christmas wreath with Christmas ribbon wrapped around it

Take inspiration from the stunning wine country to decorate your home for the holiday. Use rich greens, deep burgundies, and gold accents to decorate your great room or kitchen. Create and hang grapevine wreaths, make colorful plant stands out of wine barrels, and craft unusual ornaments from wine corks. The sophistication of this Wine Country theme embodies a 'vintage' California holiday style.

Desert Chic:

Christmas holiday centerpiece over the fireplace directly above the red stockings that are hung

Embrace the beauty of California's deserts with a chic desert holiday home theme. The splendor of California's deserts can come alive in your home this holiday season, decorating with dried flowers, succulents, and cactus. Use earthy colors, like sand or terracotta, to create a cozy and welcoming holiday atmosphere. Using metallic elements and rough wood to decorate your holiday table will create a peaceful, untamed beauty aspect of holiday desert life.

Plan Festive Outdoor Activities:

Planning festive outdoor activities for your family to enjoy will most assuredly bring the holidays home to our Scotts Valley and Santa Cruz region. We've taken the liberty of providing you with a list of Scotts Valley holiday events. Please visit the Scotts Valley Patch news network calendar to review the holiday happenings in your area.

Decorating for the holidays with a California flair offers a chance to celebrate the Golden State's unique charm and colorful scenic terrain. Whether your decorating plans include a theme focusing on the beach, the mountains, or the desert, accessorizing your home with California accents creates a rustic and elegant atmosphere that reflects the beauty of the season and the splendor of California. 

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