Breath Of Fresh Air

Whole House Remodel | Scotts Valley

After moving into their new house, our clients quickly realized it just didn’t feel like home. The solution? A total head-to-toe whole home renovation!
Thankfully, these were experienced homeowners. They had already remodeled their previous home, so they knew exactly what they wanted and what to expect. After four months of hard work (and a whole lot of love), the new house finally felt like home.
The scope of work was pretty extensive. We remodeled the kitchen/dining room and four (4) new bathrooms, installed a new front door and new hardwood flooring, and added a fresh coat of paint throughout.

Transformation Photos

I can't say enough about Jared Lewis. From the beginning to the end of our large remodel job, he was polite, respectful, pleasant and able. He came highly recommended from friends, on both a professional and personal level, and this proved true in our case as well. Overall a great experience.