Modernly Elegant

Whole House Remodel | Scotts Valley

This bathroom remodel was the grand finale for a whole house remodeling project—the scope of which spanned four (4) bathrooms, a kitchen, a laundry room, a living room, and a dining room. The end result is a warm, safe space that radiates warmth and encourages relaxation. Feature include custom-made cabinets using imported Italian olivewood, an integrated vanity sink with two (2) faucets, and a freestanding tub with jets. We also installed a walk-in shower with an infinity drain system, a shower head with serenity lights that plays music, a steam unit, and modern heated floors. There’s even a towel warmer, a medicine cabinet with built-in lights, and much, much more.

Transformation Photos

We started a small project with Jared Lewis and were very happy with his crew and results. With a recommendation from Jared we worked with a local designer to draw up plans for our living room, dinning room, 4 full bathrooms and a kitchen. Once construction began throught he time it was completed everyone we worked with was extremely helpful and very patient. They spent many extra hours to get the project completed exactly how we wanted. As with all projects there are numerous issues that arise and Jared was there the entire time to find workable solutions and coordinate all the trades in a timely fashion. ALL of the sub-contractors that Jared works with are extremely professional, easy to communicate with and their results did not disappoint. We would strongly recommend Jared and all of his sub-contractors. In today's economic environment one must be patient and flexible with their time schedule. Jared was there every step of the way, getting all the different trades at the project in the correct order and on time. We are very pleased with Jared and his crew and would strongly recommend them to anyone who needs a contractor. It is reassuring to know that Jared will always be there if there are issues in the future.