An Unexpected Gift

Bathroom Remodel | Scotts Valley

Although living under a thicket of beautiful Redwood trees certainly makes for some lovely visuals, Mother Nature remains just too unpredictable. No one can ever tell what she might have in store for us. In the case of our client, it was a tree. Specifically, a 75-foot Redwood tree that had fallen on her house,. Once the shock wore off, it was time to pick up, brush off, and rebuild. We were more than happy to help her with an unexpected—but necessary—bathroom remodel. It’s been a few months since then, and our client claims that life is beginning to feel normal again.

Transformation Photos

After my original contractor failed to complete my kitchen & bath, Jared was highly recommended by the City Inspector as someone who had always passed inspections the first time. He was very easy to work with, experienced and had the work completed on schedule. I appreciate the added touches he suggested - my kitchen is beautiful thanks to Jared! I give him my highest recommendation.