Posted on June 1, 2023

Why remodel Your Home?

There are many benefits to undertaking a home remodeling project. One is adding more flow, energy, and functionality to a kitchen, home office, laundry room, or bathroom. Another would be adding more square footage to a home by adding a new addition. Finally, another tremendous home remodeling benefit would be to finish a basement or outdoor space to entertain friends and family. While the benefactors of these examples are the homeowners and those that inhabit the space, each of the benefits described above also allows homeowners to realize financial gains by increasing the home's overall value. Whether new-found functionality or return on investment is your motive, the following remodeling projects offer homeowners some of the best ways to add value to a home. 

1. Kitchen Renovation

Luxury kitchen with large quartz countertops and rustic lighting fixtures

A kitchen remodel can increase the aesthetic appeal of a home, adding attractive features and finishes that can significantly enhance the home's appeal for family and future prospective buyers. Some of the more popular kitchen remodeling features include; narrow pull-out drawers, pet-friendly kitchen cabinet features, a wine refrigerator, double ovens, a high-style faucet, an island cooktop, an on-counter garage, and corner storage.

2. Siding Replacement

Outdoor home siding being installed by a remodeling contractor

According to, 'Siding is one of the first things prospective buyers notice about a home, so it needs to be attractive and sturdy. Replacing siding can lead to a 69 percent return on investment.' 

3. Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Blog Photo-1-1

Second, only to kitchen remodeling projects, updating a bathroom can create tremendous home value. When considering a bathroom remodel, consider surfaces, lighting, and flooring. Luxury additions like adding a Kohler LuxStone (embed link here walk-in shower with an upgraded digital shower system will most assuredly create a spa-like respite for years to come.      

4. Garage Door Replacements

Contemporary wooden garage door with window paneling and a large front door

Curb appeal is essential to any home remodel effort, and the garage door is often a first consideration to improve a home's overall look and feel. First impressions mean everything; an updated garage door adds a wow factor that won't break the bank.

5. Creating An Addition

Two contractors working together to push up a studded wall of a home

If the past few years have taught homeowners anything, additional space in the home is a must to accommodate life as it comes and our ever change adaptation to the new normal. Working from home is a reality that many must now adhere to, and setting aside new space for the home office and homeschooling remain constants for consideration.    

6. Adding Or Updating Your Outdoor Living Space

Beautiful outdoor home with a fence, patio, yard, pergola, and shed

It's the season for entertaining outdoors. Expanding upon your current outdoor living space or creating a new area to entertain, relax and enjoy the great outdoors will create memories while helping to increase the value of a home. Upgrading the landscaping and adding an opulent patio with an outdoor kitchen or a beautiful infinity edge pool will transform your backyard into a majestic oasis.

7. Home Accessibility

Accessible home and bathroom with walk in shower, assisted toilet and amenities

As we age, considerations for aging-in-place remodeling projects afford homeowners accessibility and practicality options later in life. Some of the more popular home renovation options for those considering aging-in-place home renovation include; converting a first-floor space to a bedroom or bathroom, widening doorways, installing an exterior ramp, installing an elevator, and converting tubs to showers.   

Regardless of your current home remodeling needs or requirements, taking on a home renovation project can create tremendous lifestyle advantages and a great return on investment at the time of sale. Are you considering a home remodeling project? If so, please visit our Project Gallery.

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