Posted on August 1, 2023

We typically concentrate on functionality, colors, and decor when remodeling and building our homes. Still, one frequently overlooked element is the effect of lighting design on our mood and general well-being. The lighting dramatically influences the ambiance and atmosphere of a given space. In this blog post, we'll go into the intriguing relationship between lighting design and its potent impact on mood in the home.

Lighting Psychology


It's important to comprehend the psychology of lighting before delving into how it influences our mood. Lighting affects us profoundly psychologically and physiologically, making it more than just a functional necessity. Light's different hues and intensities can impact our day-to-day lives, hormone levels, and general well-being.

The Positive Elixir of Natural Light


The benefits and beauty of natural light are unmatched. In addition to warming up our dwellings, sunlight also boosts the synthesis of serotonin, a hormone that improves mood and fosters feelings of happiness and contentment. Strategically placing large windows in great rooms or family rooms to let in lots of natural light can significantly improve a home's overall atmosphere and benefit the entire family. An entire wall of floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking your patio or pool makes for vistas that will please the mind and spirit.

Lighting: Cool vs. Warm

The ambiance of various rooms in your home, like bedrooms and bathrooms, can be significantly influenced by selecting the proper color temperature for your lighting. Yellow and orange tones with warm lighting produce a friendly, intimate ambiance perfect for relaxing areas like bedrooms and living rooms. Conversely, rooms like kitchens and workspaces can feel energizing and revitalizing when lit with cooler tones of blue and white. Finding the ideal ratio of warm and cold lighting throughout the house can promote various moods and accommodate various activities.

Dimmer Switches for Flexibility

You can change the brightness of the light in your home to suit your mood and the time of day by installing dimmer switches. Evening lighting adjustments in the master bedroom might help quiet the atmosphere and prepare the body for sleep. Brighter lighting in other rooms in the home can support our ability to focus and remain awake during the day. Dimmer switches' flexibility enables you to tailor the lighting experience to meet your emotional demands.

Functioning Task Lighting


Task lighting is crucial for reading, cooking, or working from home. Poor or harsh lighting can strain the eyes, which can cause annoyance and discomfort. Adding proper task lighting in a gourmet kitchen can enhance functionality while lowering stress levels and fostering a happier attitude while meal planning and preparing everyday and holiday meals for your family.

Accent Lighting to Enhance Beauty

Accent lighting can attract attention to specific features or regions of your home. It gives the area more character and depth, making the surroundings more appealing to the eye. Accent lighting's beauty is in its capacity to arouse feelings and add a dash of drama to your home, enhancing the atmosphere and impacting residents and visitors.

Lighting design is a potent instrument that significantly influences the ambiance and mood in your house. As you begin to consider your next home remodeling project, be sure to consider lighting design. Lewis Design Build Remodel has expertise in luxury design-build remodeling to ensure every space in your home creates the perfect atmosphere for years to come. You may design an environment that looks lovely and supports your emotional health by utilizing the psychological effects of light. Let your home shine with happiness and peace by embracing the beauty of illumination. Keep in mind that a happy house has good lighting.

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