Posted on July 13, 2023

Making the perfect interior design style selection for your home can be both exciting and challenging. Finding a design aesthetic that fits your personality, fulfills your practical requirements, and produces an environment where you feel at ease and inspired is crucial, given the vast array of design possibilities accessible. This blog examines how to help you choose the interior design aesthetic that best matches you, providing insightful information to support your decision-making.

Reflect on Your Lifestyle and Preferences

When beginning your interior design journey for your home, it is essential to have a clear understanding of your lifestyle and personal preferences. Think about the following elements:

1. Your Daily Routine

Analyze your daily routine and how you use your living space. Which kind of atmosphere—calm and serene or lively and energizing—do you favor? Consider how the design aesthetic will improve your daily activities.

2. Functional Needs

Make a list of your distinctive functional needs. Do you require a specialized home office, storage space, or a spacious layout for entertaining guests? Your functional needs are critical to the interior design style you select.

3. Aesthetics

Take into account your personal aesthetic tastes and style. Consider your unique style, chosen color scheme, and the atmosphere you gravitate to. Your design aesthetic should showcase your distinctive preferences.

Explore Design Styles

Now, you need to research and get familiar with the numerous interior design trends to widen your knowledge and find the right interior design style for you. Let's examine a few typical interior design options:

1. Contemporary

Contemporary Kitchen Remodel

Contemporary design produces a streamlined and uncluttered space characterized by clean lines, neutral hues, and a focus on simplicity.

2. Modern Design

Modern Design Kitchen Remodel

Modern design is functional, emphasizes open spaces, and uses industrial materials like glass, metal, and concrete. Its minimalistic approach characterizes it.

3. Traditional

Kitchen remodel styled with rich hues and classic furniture

Traditional design highlights ornate details, rich hues, and classic furniture pieces, giving a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. It evokes a sense of timelessness and elegance.

4. Scandinavian

Characterized by open, airy rooms and a harmonious fusion of warm textures and organic materials, Scandinavian design adopts simplicity and natural components.

5. Industrial

Industrial design features exposed brick, metal accents, and raw, unfinished materials, showing a distinctive urban appeal. Repurposed industrial facilities inspire it.

6. Bohemian

Vibrant, eclectic, and culturally diverse, the bohemian design style combines motifs, hues, and textures from numerous cultures to produce a feeling of free-spiritedness and creativity.

7. Mid-century modern

This style incorporates organic and geometric lines, streamlined furnishings, and a focus on functionality, paying homage to the design fads of the mid-20th century.

Gather Inspiration

Start gathering ideas from various media, including periodicals, websites, and social media channels. Make a folder and creative brief out of pictures of interiors that inspire you. Find similarities between these designs, such as color palettes, furniture styles, and ambiances in general.

Assess Your Space

Analyze your home's architectural features. If you're considering a remodeling project, consider the room's layout, ceiling height, natural lighting, and other elements affecting your design decisions. While different interior design styles can be modified to improve your space, certain styles could be more suited to particular architectural features.

Experiment and Customize

Instead of being strict templates, interior design styles are more like foundations that can be altered to fit your particular preferences. You can combine components from various styles or add your flair. Before making more significant alterations, start small by experimenting with accessories and ornamental items.

When In Doubt, Hire A Pro

Consulting an interior designer or home remodeling company like Lewis Design Build Remodel can help if you feel uncertain or overburdened. Contractors and interior designers have the knowledge to guide you through many aesthetics, offer creative suggestions, and realize your vision while considering your unique needs and financial considerations.

Carefully examining your lifestyle, interests, and the numerous design possibilities is necessary to choose the best interior design style for you and your home. You can make wise judgments by considering your needs, finding inspiration, and evaluating your overarching home architecture. Remember that your interior design journey should be a fun and imaginative experience that enables you to create a space that accurately reflects your personality and makes you happy. Lewis Design Build Remodel can help you transform your home. Check out our blogs, pricing guides, and project gallery for inspiration. Contact us today to get started.

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